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Fyfe Pty Ltd is a well established land, resource and infrastructure development consultancy specialising in comprehensive engineering, planning and surveying services for Australia’s land development, energy, mining and oil & gas industries.

Fyfe operates throughout Australia with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin, as well as regional offices throughout Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Fyfe employs more than 300 staff, with each committed to maintaining excellence in service delivery. At Fyfe we understand the importance of building and nurturing a strong team. To this end we look to employ the very best personnel who are each individually trained by Fyfe and supported by the latest technology and in-house systems. Management at Fyfe knows how to organise large projects and have experienced staff to deliver an accurate, safe and efficient product. We continually seek innovative ideas & technology that not only meets our client needs, but does so in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Supporting this commitment is our ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation which has been maintained since 1994 and our exemplary safety record. Safety is a major criterion for Fyfe’s staff performance, both on site and off site, and is reflected in Fyfe’s exemplary safety record.

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